Red Star awarded Phase 1 SBRI funding from HISES to explore how AI and improved data visualisation can improve Emergency Department care in NHS Lothian

Red Star has been awarded Phase 1 Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) funding from the Health Innovation South East Scotland (HISES) initiative. The funding will enable Red Star to collaborate with NHS Lothian to explore how AI and improved data visualization can enhance personalised decision support for complex patients with multimorbidities who attend the Emergency Department.

The project aims to develop an AI-powered tool that will improve the accuracy of clinical decision-making, helping healthcare professionals to provide more effective treatment for patients with complex healthcare needs. By analyzing patient data in real-time and providing clear, easy-to-understand visualizations, the tool will enable healthcare professionals to make informed decisions more quickly and confidently.

Red Star is excited to work with HISES and NHS Lothian to explore how technology can be used to enhance patient care and support healthcare professionals in their work. This collaboration has the potential to transform the way complex patients with multimorbidities are treated in the Emergency Department and could have far-reaching impacts on healthcare delivery across Scotland and beyond.

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