Scottish Heart Failure Audit


  • NHS England have the ability to audit Heart Failure patients – but only once they present to hospital
  • NHS Scotland do not currently have the ability to audit any patients
  • Red Star AI have proved their ability to identify all patients with heart failure from their medical records
  • Red Star AI can also use those records to assess clinical performance
  • Red Star AI have identified the optimisation of prescribing as a promising opportunity for performance improvement


  • Data from 2010-21 supplied by NHS Tayside
  • NLP applied to echocardiogram reports
  • NLP data augmented with other clinical records (bloods, prescribing, demographics, etc)
  • Records assessed using statistical, machine learning and other data science techniques


  • Red Star AI accurately identified 96.4% of heart failure cases
  • Prescribing predicts mortality:
    • 6% of the cohort on optimal treatment in the community died – 12% of those on suboptimal died, a 100% increase
    • 17% of the cohort on optimal treatment suffering an unscheduled admission died – 46% of those on suboptimal treatment died, a 270% increase
  • The majority of patients are not on optimal treatment
  • 40 of 98 (41%) of patients reviewed by a cardiologist were considered suitable for uptitration, with Quality of Life (KCCQ) the primary benefit


  • Red Star AI are developing a Heart Failure auditing capability
  • It will tell us who in Scotland has heart failure, and what we know about their condition and standard of care
  • In due course it will be used to surface priority patients and report on standards compliance across Scotland